Train Like a Firefighter and Become Functionally Fit in less than 15 Minutes of Exercise a Day…

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Thank you for visiting my website. My name is James Holder, I am 37 years old and have been a professional Fire-fighter in the UK for 17 years and am the author of ‘How To Become Fire-fighter Fit’, an 84 page Fitness Training Manual that WILL melt away body fat and build strong functional muscles…and don’t just take my word for it, read what others have had to say here.

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My Manual contains over 30 exercises and drills that are all body weight movements that require no equipment and NO GYM MEMBERSHIP so you can train at home in your own time. If you use a ‘shoulder press’ machine in a gym, then read THIS!

I will teach you the best kept secret abdominal exercise that will give you a rock hard, flat belly WITHOUT doing a single sit up and a leg exercise that wipes out seasoned weight lifters in just a couple of minutes!….plus many more ‘forgotten’ exercises such as hand stands, push up variations and fat burning drills.

The exercises are not easy, so if you are looking for the next gimmick then this manual is not for you. Be prepared to work hard but reap the benefits from a short but intense method of training.

If you think that 15 minutes is not long enough to train yourself to be truly fit then I am afraid you are wrong.

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On a daily basis, Fire-fighters are put under stressful and strenuous situations such as:

• Carrying heavy equipment up multi-storey blocks to fight high rise fires

• Lifting or dragging heavy unconscious people from buildings

• Being able to work in confined spaces where flexibility is paramount

• Hauling heavy gear up the outside of tall buildings using rope lines

• Running out lines of hose

• Lifting and pitching heavy ladders

• Having the cardiovascular endurance to conserve air whilst carrying out a detailed search of smoke filled building wearing breathing apparatus

• Breaking through hefty doors with heavy breaking in gear

• Handling heavy hydraulic cutting equipment when extricating casualties following road traffic accidents.

A Fire-fighters fitness level needs to be functional. By that, I mean it’s no good if you can carry heavy fire fighting equipment but lack the muscular endurance to carry it to the top of a multi-storey block of flats. Likewise, it’s of little use if you can run a marathon in record time but lack any strength to handle heavy hydraulic gear when cutting into the roof of a car.

Exercise and weight loss is simple…burn off more calories than you put in your mouth and you WILL LOSE WEIGHT. Train at a higher intensity and your fitness levels will skyrocket.

Imagine driving your car…we all know that driving in a high gear on a motorway conserves fuel, which is why we do it. The engine is not being pushed very hard and finds it all rather easy.

Now, imagine driving everywhere in first gear!

You engine is revving extremely high and is being pushed very hard, which in turn burns fuel like there’s no tomorrow. Your body is no different.

Guess what? 99% of people exercise in 5th gear! They go to the Gym, switch on their iPod and while away the hours watching the TV without breaking a sweat….and surprise…burn very little fuel, or in this case, calories.

My Book will show you how 15 minutes of exercise a day is more than enough time to get into Great Physical Shape

If you think 15 minutes is not long enough, think again!

On page 23 of my book, there is an exercise that most people think is easy. Seasoned weight trainers find it hard to believe that such an ‘easy’ exercise wipes them out in just a couple of minutes when they actually try it! And what’s more, the same people tell me how they feel the benefits in just a few days of doing this exercise.

I won’t lie to you. Push hard and the results are awesome, but take it easy with your training and you will look back and wished you had taken my advice when 6 months of ‘normal’ training hasn’t worked.

Are YOU looking for a Career in the Fire Service and want to be in the best shape possible to pass the physical practical tests? Then for just £9.99, can you afford not to have the best book available to prepare you in the best possible way to pass, written by an experienced Fire-fighter?

If you are serious about your training, then you need to up your intensity…big time. It may be that you can only manage a few minutes of high intensity exercise but you will have achieved far more in them few minutes than if you had taken the easy route and taken it easy.

‘How To Become Fire-fighter Fit’…is a complete and ‘to the point’ fitness training manual. It contains 84 pages of no-nonsense exercises that are all body weight movements, so you train at home and need no equipment…and if you think body weight exercises are easy, try doing push ups with one hand on top of the other instead of shoulder width apart!

As a Fire-fighter, I do not need to be able to run a marathon, nor do I need to pose in a mirror and curl the biggest dumbbells I can find, but what I do need is to be fit…proper fit.

If you are looking to run a marathon in record time, then my book isn’t for you, buy a book about running. If you want to wear Lycra and pose in a Gym, then buy a bodybuilding book, my book won’t help you.

Fire-fighters need to be functionally fit and my book gets you in proper shape!

I have now sold over 2000 copies of ‘How to Become Fire-fighter Fit’ in 15 countries worldwide, helping many people realise their fitness goals and become truly fit.

Don’t make the mistake of listening to all the rubbish out there about fitness training and grab a copy of my Manual, and in just a matter of days, you will begin to reap the rewards of becoming ‘Fire-fighter Fit’.

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