I spent my 2 day shifts once again teaching first aid and trauma management at our brigade training centre so I only rode the fire appliance last night and the night before.

Saturday night consisted of a stolen car set alight on a field at around 9pm. The lads wore BA sets and used a hose reel to put the fire out which took us to around 10pm. Shortly after, the pump was called out to bins alight behind a supermarket and while they dealt with that, I was turned out to another car fire.

At around 1 am we had more bin fires and just before 3 am, an automatic fire alarm in a factory we had our last call out.

Last night was much quieter but a bit more interesting. We took over from the day watch at half 6 at a house fire that was being used as a cannabis factory that took us a few hours to sort out.

I am on leave now for 12 days so will post up some of my fitness stuff….starting today with a 4 mile run :)

Have a good week.

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