Apologies for my lack of posts but I hope to begin putting more on here from now on….

These are the call outs we attended during my most recent tour.

24th July:
1320 hrs Skip Fire
1732 Automatic Fire Alarms (FA)

25th July:
1249 Person locked in house
1454 Grass fire
1538 Grass fire
1601 Automatic fire alarm (FA)
1625 Grass fire
1647 Grass fire

26th July:
1823 Rubbish fire
2050 Rubbish fire
2338 Bin fire
0112 Assist Police to remove 2 people from a roof

27th July:
2228 Person locked out of house
2257 Rubbish fire
2315 Tree on fire in park
0039 Rubbish fire
0057 Bins on fire
0215 House Fire (1 person rescued)
0632 Person locked out

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