Hi and sorry for the lack of posts lately.

Here are the call outs we attended this week. With the dry weather its no surprise that secondary fires are on the increase…so hopefully we get some rain soon! I am no on leave so the next post will be in 2 weeks.
Thanks and have a good weekend.

1657 hrs – Grass fire
1759 hrs – Fence on fire next to house

1334 hrs Baby locked in Car (the keys were on the back seat under the baby seat and a pole was made with a picture hook screwed into the end. Through a small gap in the window, the lads went fishing and after 20 minutes, hooked the keys out. Baby slept through it all.
1430 hrs- Bonfire out of control

1900 hrs – Grass fire
2118 hrs – Bin fire
2130 hrs – Car fire
2310 hrs – Bin fire
0024 hrs – Car fire

1856 hrs – House fire (smell of burning)
1909 hrs – Bonfire spread to house
2015 hrs – Automatic fire alarm
2030 hrs – Grass fire
0227 hrs – Rubbish fire

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