If you are looking for a ‘no nonsense’ way to get fit and lose weight, then you have come to the right place.
‘How To Become Fire-fighter fit’ has sold over 2000 copies in 15 countries worldwide and has helped hundreds of people pass their fitness tests to join the Fire Service.

Do You Want To Get Fit In Less Than 15 Minutes A Day Without Setting Foot In A Gym?

Well, now you can! When I first read about Body Weight Exercises, I was a bit sceptical. As someone who used to lift weights, I didn’t think I could get fit and strong from Body Weight Exercises until I started to see the benefits from doing them.

Handstands are a good example. Most Gym goers are familiar with the shoulder press machine, where you sit down on a bench and lift a bar hinged to a weight stack by some cables and pulleys.
Now… bodybuilders will lift most of the stack and my even far exceed their own bodyweight, so they automatically assume that they can perform a single handstand push up, right?
Well, the truth is, they can’t.

Handstand push-ups require core strength and balance, which you don’t use on a machine, which is why body weight exercises build incredible strength. Just look at Gymnasts, they are far, far stronger than any bodybuilder or power lifter and they train using bodyweight exercises, not dumbbells or barbells.

My Book will show you:

• How train with your own body without the need for any equipment
• A way to build incredibly strong abdominal muscles without doing a single crunch or sit up.
• 7 variations of push ups that will build unbelievable strength
• An exercise that will build legs like granite in less than 15 minutes of exercise
• Cardio workouts that will wipe you out in just a few minutes
• The benefits of Isometrics and how they drastically improve strength
• 30 other exercises that will transform your body into one, which is leaner, fitter and stronger.

The exercises are all bodyweight, which means you do not need any equipment, fancy gadgets or the need to go to a gym. The exercises can be done anywhere, anytime and all that is required is a bit of space and for some exercises, a wall.
Bodyweight exercises, or callisthenics, build functional fitness that cannot be gained from weight lifting or gym machines as they involve balance and co-ordination, an essential part of fire fighting. A quick look at a gymnast will tell you that bodyweight exercises can build unbelievable strength and flexibility as gymnasts train solely with just callisthenics movements.
Forget sitting on an exercise bike or X trainer for 30 minutes, the exercises in the book are not for anyone who wants to take it easy! Many of the exercises in the book will have you quivering in a puddle of sweat in less than 90 SECONDS!
Fire fighters have to be at an extremely high level of physical fitness so the exercises they use, push the body to a higher level of intensity.

You can expect dramatic results…. FAST!!

You won’t find information on how many repetitions or how many sets of an exercise you should do. Nor will you find any advice on what muscles to train on what days, or split routines like in bodybuilding.
When you lift and carry an object from A to B you use all the muscles of the body working together to achieve the movement. Your arms grip the object, your shoulders, back and chest lift and support it and your legs move you from A to B.

Your muscles work in sync with each other so why isolate them when training?

Animals in the wild do not train one day then take a rest day, they certainly don’t perform split routines or isolate muscles, nor do they use weights or fancy gym machines. No, they have nothing more than their own bodyweight and they are far, far fitter and stronger than any of us humans!
Can you afford to wait to grab a copy of my book? In 2 months time, you may look back and wish you had because by that time, by following the exercises in my book, you will have transformed your body into one that is leaner, more muscular and much fitter….Order now!

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