My name is James Holder; I’m 37 years old and live in Birmingham, England. I am a fitness consultant for UK Fire Service Resources the Number 1 fire related website on the net. I have successfully helped hundreds of people reach a level of fitness to pass the Fire Service Physical Selection Tests here in the UK, and abroad.

I have been an operational front line fire-fighter for 16 years at busy inner city fire stations and have gained a great deal of experience in fire fighting operations and more importantly how to keep physically fit for duty.
I have actively kept fit for the last 20 years and have always been involved in fitness in one way or another.

I have competed in the finals of the National Indoor rowing championships in England so have followed rigorous rowing methods of training. I have twice completed the National Fire Services 3 peaks challenge by climbing the 3 highest mountains in the UK in under 24 hours and actually finished the event in less than 20 hours on both occasions. I have completed the Stratford half marathon in 1 hour 30 minutes so actively trained for long distance running, I have lifted weights in a gym by either following a heavy weights with low repetitions programme or lighter weights with higher repetitions.
I have trained specifically in swimming, cycling and martial arts.
I therefore have an extremely good idea of what methods of training work and those that do not, to get you Fire-fighter Fit.
My manual has therefore been written to get you physically fit in the quickest time possible by methods which work and are put into practice on a daily basis.

I hope you do the right thing, right now, and order my manual and you to can become fire-fighter fit.

Many thanks,

James Holder