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Thank you for your interest in my affiliate scheme.

If you have a website and would like to start earning a substantial income by referring customers to this site, RISK FREE, then you may be interested in selling my products yourself.

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An affiliate program is a partnership between the ‘host’ site and a referring site (your website). You will promote my ebook on your own site by using coded banners and advertisements that I provide that then link to the ‘host’ site. If a customer then purchases my products via your referral, then an agreed commission is paid to you.
Affiliate programs allow partner websites to earn revenue that is ‘RISK FREE’ and involves no financial outlay at all. You just need to add the links to your site to start earning commission in just a few minutes. I will supply a code that tracks visitors from your site and follows them to, and if they then purchase anything, it is logged as a commission sale rewarded to you.

I pay a very generous 50% commission on every sale you send my way and you have nothing to do…I process the order and ship it to the customer! (That’s £5.oo for each and every sale!)
When you become an affiliate you are given access to your own control panel area, where you can check up on how many visitors you have been sending to my site. You can also keep track of any that go on to purchase anything and your revenue earned so far.
I have a very good conversion rate between visitors and those that go on to buy my products, so depending on how many visitors you can send to me; you can expect a good return.
I will then pay you your commission straight into a Paypal account.

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