Too many people turn up for the physical selection tests to become a fire-fighter having not prepared properly, by either not having reached the required standard or more usually, not trained in the correct way.
Most fire brigades are now adopting the same test, designed around testing an applicant’s physical ability in job related tasks, such as carrying hose and ladders.

So how do you best prepare physically for these tests?
Well, the role of a fire-fighter is varied from a physical point of view. They need stamina, strength, endurance and flexibility which all need to be at a high standard. The tests will highlight any weaknesses you have in your overall fitness.

The key to passing these tests is having a good balance in these four disciplines.

Strength – to carry bulky fire service equipment or pitch heavy ladders

Endurance – to run out lines of hose over long distances or drag unconscious people to safety from buildings.

Flexibility – work for long periods in confined spaces such as tunnels or lift shafts

Stamina – to carry out a detailed search of a smoke filled building, overcoming obstacles whilst conserving air in breathing apparatus.

What if you could train in a way that meant you improved strength, endurance, flexibility and stamina in a fraction of the time and was in such good shape that you could breeze through fire-fighter physical selection tests?

The answer lies in calisthenics or body weight fitness training.
First off, you don’t need to go to a gym, nor do you need any equipment, nor do you need to leave the house and best of all, you can complete a killer workout which hits all muscles and improves overall fitness in around 20 minutes.

Calisthenics train the muscles of the body in a natural way and because much of it involves balance, you hit muscles in a different way than when using weights.

Certain exercises will also improve your strength, endurance and flexibility at the same time. For example, an exercise known as the crab, back bridge or back bend whereby you lie on your back and then push off the ground so your back arches and your hands and feet are supporting your whole body will work every muscle of the body and greatly improves flexibility. It requires strength to push off the ground and as you hold the position for longer, the endurance in your muscles will improve.

The key to passing the physical selection tests is having overall fitness and having high levels of strength, stamina, endurance and flexibility.

Calisthenics will deliver the results you want and need in the quickest time possible while being a safe, natural way to train and not impacting on your wallet.
Don’t waste time training the wrong way for something so important, the road to fitness and to passing fire-fighter physical selection tests comes in the form of body weight training.