Exercise and Prevention of Cancer

Cancer is one of the deadliest diseases known to mankind. It is a fact that treatment of cancer is still at its infancy. Even when it comes to prevention of cancer, medical researchers and scientists have not been able to make any breakthroughs. Although certain types of cancer, like breast cancer can be prevented by following certain prescribed procedures, doctors are still not one hundred percent sure about the ways though which, they can prevent the occurrence of rare and dangerous cancers like mesothelioma or breast cancer.

Even though, there are no universally accepted methods that can prevent cancer, most cancer researchers around the world believe that exercising and eating right can go a long way in the prevention of this deadly disease. The University of Iowa Health Care Center (UIHCC), in a study published in 2002, has stated the benefits of exercising in the prevention of cancer. There has been no other opinion or research in the last decade, which has proven this wrong. In other words, most cancer researchers in the US, and also in the world, support this claim by UIHCC that exercise helps in the prevention of cancers like breast cancer, lung cancer, prostate cancer and cancer of the uterus.

A person should involve in different physical activities for a period of minimum 30 minutes on a daily basis. Different physical activities like walking, swimming etc. can also have the same health benefits as exercising. It is not necessary that a person has to exercise for 30 minutes at a stretch; rather, it is advisable that one takes a small break after every 10 minutes to allow proper blood circulation around the body.

Exercise helps people to remain healthy and fit, and it also improves body metabolism and immune system, allowing the body to effectively and efficiently fight the occurrence of cancerous cells in the body. However, we must understand that the occurrence of cancer cannot be predicted and no one knows for sure if exercise can actually prevent cancer. Even if it fails in preventing cancer, exercise can help us being capable enough of fighting it.

Consult your doctor and find a workout regimen that will best fit the needs of you and your treatment. Get out there and get active and be on the road to feeling like a healthier new you.

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