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UK Fire Service

Fireservice.co.ukWithout doubt the single best resource for anyone wanting to join the UK Fire Service and a valuable source of information for existing fire-fighters.



Overseas Fire Service

911interviews.com – 911interviews is a video based firefighter coaching/training site with over 130 videos dedicated to Firefighter interviews-help entry level candidates and those seeking promotional opportunities.

Irishfireservices.ieA complete and excellent website for the Irish Fire Service.





Fireenginebay.comBuy and sell your Fire Appliances!

Fitness Related

Discovery.uk.com‘Discovery Learning’ is the UK’s leading provider of personal trainer courses and quality fitness instructor courses.  

PowerBall.comThe single best training aid to build a strong grip and improve arm strength.

Ridebackwards.comRIDE BACKWARDS is an online supplier of quality workout and athletic wear for firefighters.


Career Development

How2Become.co.ukThe complete guide to passing all parts of the Fire Service application process.

VCAltd.co.ukIf you are needing help with your application to join the fire service, or are looking to further your career then look no further.This site clearly explains PQA’s,ADC’s and the ITOP to make passing a virtual certainty

Fire Safety and Prevention

mesotheliomasymptoms.com – raising awareness of the effects of asbestos exposure, offering FREE advice and help.

Asbestos.coma website educating about the dangers of asbestos and how to avoid it.

BigRedGuide.com – Fire Extinguishers – Find top-quality fire extinguishers and suppliers at BigRedGuide.com. Search, find and compare extinguishers that meet your specifications.

Other Links



Sourcesecurity.comthe complete industry guide for security products, including CCTV cameras, access control systems, wireless security cameras, network security cameras, biometric readers, smart card readers, infrared cameras, security surveillance and wireless security system.

123-reg.co.ukfully recommended for buying and registering your domain names.

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