Below is a list of websites, products and services that I fully endorse and recommend to anyone visiting my website.
I have given a brief description of each and a link to the respective website where you can purchase the required item or find further information.

PowerBallsPowerballs are the latest fitness tool that will help improve the strength of your grip. Not only will it improve your grip, it will get you addicted to using them! They will drastically improve your grip, arm and shoulder strength in quick time.

UK Fire Service Recruitment Products – A comprehensive choice of recruitment CD’s to assist in every stage of the fire service recruitment process, from the initial application, through the written and physical stages to the final interview.

Multi-stage Fitness/Bleep Test – The multistage fitness test is now established as the most reliable and easy to use fitness test. This field test for aerobic endurance is used in talent identification programmes across the globe, in schools and clubs as well as by the emergency services and armed forces to determine fitness levels.

Chester Step Test – This innovative CD version includes metronome and music beat audio tracks plus 50 data collection sheets. Conveniently, the easy to use software automatically calculates your Chester Step score and stores your history data so you can monitor your progress over time.

Res-q-Me Tool – The Res-Q-Me is like a mini Life Hammer that fits on your key ring. The Res-Q-Me is designed to break vehicle side windows and cut through jammed seatbelts.

PQA and Promotion Workbooks – A selection of workbooks that will greatly assist you in your preparation for a PQA application or Interview. Having used these myself, I fully recommend them if you are struggling to prepare your PQA answers