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“Having served in many specialist units in the armed forces and now as a Fire Fighter in Wales, I consider myself to be an extremely fit person however I have never like the idea of paying for gym membership. James’ book has really opened my eyes to the potential of body weight exercises and at the same time made me realise the fact that I am not as supple as I was, both of which I think of as a good thing as its only when we can see our shortcomings that we can truly reach our potential.
James’ book is excellent for people from all walks of life, from the novice to the elite as my children are able to join in with me at home and even on a few exercises exceed my own ability, especially my 14 year old daughter who mocks me for being as rigid as a board… but not for long.” S Jones, SOUTH WALES

“I am writing to say that this is the book I have been seeking for over 20 years. At last a sensible balance between aerobic and muscular development and no equipment! Everything is direct, easy to follow and will be more than beneficial.
Thank you for writing it.” Andrew Richards, Oxford, UK

“I’m a 40yr old mother of 2 who recently became a volunteer firefighter for Port Waikato, New Zealand (google earth us).  I have a 7 day training camp mid April and for the last month I’ve been running and doing weights.  Unfortunately, I don’t feel it’s adding any value so have found your book after a google search.  I’ve just had a go at everything in the book (beginner level) and found the two most difficult were Back Bridge and Handstand but really enjoyed the isometrics.  I wish I’d found you sooner but am prepared to go hard out for the next month so we’ll see how I get on!” Leah Fry, Port Waikato, New Zealand

“When I asked James for some advice on how to improve my fitness and lose weight I was a bit skeptical that I would be able to achieve my goals on only a few minutes of body weight exercises per day. I have always believed gyms and countless hours on a treadmill would do it. After only a week of following this course I could feel the strength in my back and shoulders growing from doing the back bridge, and I was astounded!” Craig Berridge, Coventry, England.

“Both your ongoing advice and your calisthenics manual are a credit to you as a person, and a valuable resource for anybody looking to join the Fire Brigade.
If I make it as a Fire-fighter, I will see this information as a major
contributor to my success.” Paul Mawson, Tyne and Wear.

“Your manual is complete, effective and easily understood. Some exercises were a little daunting at first, however, the results from doing what I could, although very little each day have shown improvements that have inspired me to keep it up. Thank you for your routine suggestions.”
‘Definitely recommended, even to ladies.’ Tania Jarvis, Fort William, Scotland

“The most effective training programs I’ve undertaken have all been reminicent of my old high school football (American) days. Very simple, but very intense. Firefighterfit challenges each facet of your fitness level, and because of the intensity, it helps develop mental toughness, the most important aspect of all”. Cesar Chaparro ,LA, United States.

“I bought your fitness manual a while back and it is a fantastic resource. I find it really useful and refer to it most days. It is full of suggested exercises to improve different parts of the body and even if you don’t do everything suggested in the manual it is a great way of producing your own fitness programme to suit your own needs. It was a great purchase and well worth it. I would recommend it to anyone looking to start a fitness regime who, like me, didn’t have a clue where to start. Thanks very much”. Hannah Gardin,Devon.

“Really good book, It’s a great idea that you don’t have to pay for expensive gym memberships to be able to use this book. Pleased with the results I have already seen in such a short space of time.” Simon Fathers. Exeter.

“Just want to say that your book has shocked the hell out of me. I have been training in the gym for a while and thought myself to be quite fit, until I started the training in your book that is! It has made a huge difference to my fitness in the few weeks since I have had it. I am aching in places I never knew I had muscles. Just want to say thanks” David Brown, Neath, United Kingdom.

“I have been a serving fire-fighter for 14 years now and I have always followed a rigid weight training program that I believed would benefit me in my chosen profession, I recently started following the routines contained within the Fire-fighter Fit book and the difference I feel in my core strength and power has been amazing, my flexibility has also greatly improved and I don’t seem to be getting any niggling injuries on duty which I believe is due to the type of training that I am now doing…and all this is just a few weeks”. Neil Flynn, Fire-fighter, Coventry, UK.

“I met James at the beginning of the year and we discussed fitness and the importance of it in the fire service and I could see that he has a real passion in keeping fit and in sharing his vast knowledge and experience of this with anyone who asks him.
When I started looking through James book, I quickly saw that the exercises and techniques which are easily understood can massively improve your fitness and stamina. This book should be compulsory reading for all U.K fire & rescue services physical training. Keep up the good work”! Roy Turp, Watch Commander, London Fire Brigade

“I am an operational Fire-fighter and rugby player so keep myself fit and in decent shape. A fellow Fire-fighter recommended ‘How To Become Fire-fighter Fit’ and within 2 weeks I have seen a huge improvement in my core strength and an increase in muscle mass on my legs and upper body. This book is a very easy, cheap and quick way to get into awesome shape. Many thanks”. Lynsey Bishop, Fire-Fighter, West Midlands Fire Service